March was a good month (for new tunes)

Have I mentioned how much I love Spotify? The algorithms that power my Discover Weekly playlist never cease to amaze. Sure, playlist pitching is no secret, whereby artists pay to have their songs pitched to “playlist curators” (wait, how do I get this job?), effectively muddying the waters of authentic music discovery.

That said, Spotify is certainly doing something right. I’ve long lost track of all the great musical gems I discovered since joining the streaming revolution. And despite Google Play Music boasting the well-loved Songza playlists from their 2016 merger, my humble opinion remains that Spotify is the clear music streaming winner. Sorry Apple Music.

Ramblings and opinions aside, March was a good month. We bid farewell to a shockingly mild Berlin winter, and by the time I post this I will be celebrating a friend’s birthday in Naples. It was also an exceptional month for new music discoveries. Since February 2018 I have been curating a monthly playlist called hey ak 👋, which serves as my own personal time capsule of songs I’m loving and listening to at any given time.

While there’s never been a bad month for finding new earworms, the forces that be pulled together the perfect mix of music in March. Honestly, this playlist has everything. From one of Austria’s most successful artists (Falco), to a Moby b-side that I had no idea existed. These are just a few of my favourites…

  • Heavy by RAC and Karl Kling
    Simple, understated, powerful. “Heavy with the weight of who we are” is a chant for this generation.

  • Ultestakon by Jeremy Dutcher
    Polaris Prize & Juno Award-winner. Charming, classically-trained Canadian Indigenous tenor, composer, musicologist, performer and activist. Jeremy is breathing new light into his tribe’s history and culture. Lend this man your ears.

  • Sleepwalking by Tourist
    On repeat, dancing around in my underwear, belting out ambiguous lyrics? Guilty as charged. This one feels fresh and full of life, and leaves me with an urgency to do and be more.

  • High Beams by Flume
    The new Hi This Is Flume mixtape deserves a blog all of its own. I appreciate those who are intentional with their words, and whoever wrote that Flume is Australia’s “electronica wunderkind” wasn’t messing around. I’ll be pressing playing on this one for a while.

Alright my friends, without further ado:

Enjoy & be well.